Features and capabilities

One of the most important goals of zard shemshal Factory, Provide suitable products for use in industries as well as innovation in production. For this reason, zard shemshal Factory has the ability to produce the right products by employing new and modern machinery and using modern and efficient methods.
آزمایشگاه کارخانه زرد شمشال
Lab Quantum Advanced

Due to the advanced equipment, the factory laboratory is capable of examining primitive materials and can guarantee the standard of analysis of finished products.

خط ذو
Melting and casting section

This part of the factory consists of induction melting furnaces of varying weights and tonnages, including melting and Resuscitation furnaces, types of raw materials with a base metal of copper and zinc metal.

خطوط ذوب ریزی کارخانه زرد شمشال
Melting and casting line

This section includes the production of all types of billets and brass ingots and all types of hollow brass sections.

مقاطع برنجی 1
Extrusion press with different power

in factory With Use From extrusion With Power Different to the Production types of Sections Brass full to the Shapes Rectangle ,Round, Triangular , Hexagons .And Others Sections Different Paid

تیم تحقیق و توسعه کارخانه زرد شمشال
Research and Development Team

At zard shemshal Factory, we believe that any research on product quality and production of better quality products can promote for us on our own, and we at the factory place great emphasis on this.

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